Technische Weiterbildung

We qualify our teams

Training in AV Technologies for Events and Live Shows

In artlogic we invest in improving the skills of our staff to better serve the needs of our customers.

On this occasion we have reached a training agreement with Trade Formación to provide basic training in AV Technologies for Events and Live Shows to some of our team members.The course in audiovisual technologies for events and live shows offers the knowledge of the technologies used and their applications in each type of event.

The teachers who have been part of the training are recognized professionals in the field, who stand out for being active in the most complex and ambitious corporate events and shows in our country.
The result of the first part of the training has been a success.

Some of the topics that have been covered are;

  • Amplified sound concepts
  • Stage lighting concepts
  • Live video concepts
  • Audio/Lighting and Video systems.
  • Types of cables and connectors
  • Audio/Lighting/Video signal distribution.
  • Electricity in AV environment.
  • Rigging in AV environment…

Now we will start with the practical part, we are looking forward that our Crew Members can begin to perform tasks of Technical Assistants with our customers.