What is a crew leader?

Crew leaders, also known as TechAssist (CL), are artlogic’s top managers for set-ups and tear-downs.
They play a key role in the successful execution of events and productions.
A crew leader will be assigned on crews of 2 or more people.

  • What are their main tasks?
  • Coordinating the individual tasks with the crew
  • Being responsible for the safety of the crew
  • Ensuring that the crew follows work instructions
  • Carrying out safety checks
  • Managing the team’s breaks
  • Performing the Run Time Check (Pre-call, Check-In / Check-Out)
  • Final acceptance of the work performed with the client on site
  • Assessing the performance of the team members and obtaining feedback from the project manager

In case of incidents, accidents or damage, the crew leader is prepared to generate detailed reports and also perform assessments of the persons involved.

They can also report any damage to client material, making a photographic report of it and immediately informing the project manager.

In short, a crew leader is the guardian of safety and efficiency in events and productions, playing an essential role in ensuring that each performance is a success and is carried out according to the work instructions in order to perform the tasks safely and professionally.