Velodrom Berlin

artlogic is delighted to have assisted with the set-up and dismantling of a sporting event at the Berlin Velodrom last month thanks to its local crew. artlogic France collaborated with artlogic Germany to make this happen.

The Berlin Velodrom, which opened to the public in 1997, is an indoor track cycling arena. It hosts cycling races such as the Berlin Six Days or the 1999 Track Cycling World Championships as well as many other sporting events. The velodrome also serves as a concert hall. Numerous artists perform there throughout the year.

Thanks to artlogic’s European network, local crew were able to work on this project, saving on travel and hotel expenses. Most of the stagehands and technical assistants who took part in this project were already familiar with the venue and spoke fluent English, which improved communication between all teams present at the event. A major asset when you’re not fluent in German!