Christmas Market

Christmas market in Cologne

Christmas market: working at height in the wintry outdoors.

Festive stalls, a Christmas programme and a huge Christmas tree, right in front of the backdrop of the great cathedral – the big Christmas market at Cologne Cathedral is a crowd-puller every year.
From November, artlogic is there with selected stagehands when the big market comes to life – also in 2023. This year, the main requirement was for crew members who are experienced in steel construction and can work with wooden panelling. The crew also had to be able to work at height, as working platforms were used for the giant Christmas tree.
While the market is being built, stages are constructed for the entertainment programme and musical acts, as well as one for the Christmas tree in the middle of the market. Every year, the tree is one of the largest natural Christmas trees in the country. This year, the Cologne fir measures a proud 25 metres and weighs 7 tonnes. It is erected on its own platform, elaborately secured and then the lights have to be attached to it at lofty heights. A real challenge in adverse weather conditions.

artlogic has a large pool of skilled staff with a wide range of qualifications and experience, so that the requirements for these jobs could all be met. Such outdoor assignments are no problem for our crew, even if the working conditions outside in November are not among the best for such projects: the stage and the Christmas market tree were up on time as ordered and the tree lighting could be put into operation on time.

As every year, the large Christmas market on Roncalliplatz in Cologne is well worth a visit. You can find out about the programme and the exhibitors here: