artlogic crew

Delivering quality despite labour shortages

Despite all the euphoria, the return of events all over Europe after the two-year forced break presents the event industry with a major problem. Despite all the joy about the good order situation, the extreme staff shortage is now really revealing itself.

artlogic is happy to have kept a large part of its qualified crew members, but we are also faced with the great challenge of quickly expanding our staff in order to be able to meet the rapidly increasing customer requests.

A large part of the industry’s workforce has changed not only jobs but also sectors during the event break. The staffing situation in the event industry is currently very tight, there is a lack of helpers everywhere. It is now a big challenge for us to continue to provide a high quality service by still offering optimal crewing solutions for our clients.

Our regular crew is currently working hard on our various projects and is looking forward to further reinforcements in order to be able to continue to provide all customers with the personnel they need. Early customer enquiries then make planning even more secure. Together, we are able to plan and coordinate the usual optimal deployment of personnel, even under the current difficult conditions.