The Amsterdam Coffee Festival

Amsterdam Coffee Festival 2024

Our crew members are gearing up to work for Amsterdam Coffee Festival 2024.

We are proud to announce that our crew members will play a prominent role during the Amsterdam Coffee Festival, taking place from April 4-6, 2024 at the Westergas.

Throughout the week, our staff members will lend their expertise and drive during the set-up, show days and take-down of this prestigious event.

The Amsterdam Coffee Festival marks the first major event of the season where a substantial portion of our crew members will work together. This event therefore represents an important milestone in our working year and we are determined to make this edition an unforgettable success.

We therefore cordially invite you to visit us at the Amsterdam Coffee Festival and sample the unique atmosphere. Be surprised by the diversity of coffees, admire the skills of the baristas and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of coffee. And who knows, you might spot our crew members during their enthusiastic work.

Don’t miss this unique experience!