artlogic Portugal

Even in these challenging times, freely following our motto “Your European Crew supplier”, we have expanded our network to be a complete and optimal solution for all our customers. 

Last year we opened our office in France, Paris. Now we are starting also in Portugal, to meet the growing demand of the last years in Lisbon and Porto.


During the last decade we have handled projects all over Portugal and we have done this with teams from neighboring countries or partners who could guarantee our commitment to the quality of the services.




However, only you can guarantee the quality you want, and so we decided to take on this new challenge and have our own headquarters in Portugal.


We have created our own structure in Portugal, the work dynamic remains the same as the other projects, contact your usual office to ask about availability and budget.


Last May we had our first big event, the 2021 Champions League final, at the Estádio do Dragão in Porto.


The Portugal headquarters is new, the processes and engagement with clients are the same as always.


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