NightOfLight2021 A sign of solidarity for our industry

A whole year has passed since the event industry wanted to set an example with the first NightOfLight. Back then, 8,000 companies and 40,000 participants illuminated the facades or windows of their venues or offices red as a common signal.


One year later, the campaign will take place for a second time on 22 June 2021.


#redalert and other European initiatives support the #nightoflight – while in some countries events are already allowed again,




many businesses in Germany for example continue to be affected by lockdowns and bans, many have received little or no help, and there is a lack of prospects. The event industry and organisers continue to suffer from the consequences of the pandemic.


This time, the #AlarmstufeRot alliance has also called on private individuals to show solidarity with the industry and make it clear how much events are missing.


Draw attention to the plight with red lights, interest the public in your situation, shake up politics – the companies in the sector continue to stand together and fight for your return.