Stagehand’s live and online trainings start again

Thanks to the easing of restrictions in Austria, we can finally start training our new employees again. Our goal has always been to offer internal courses on the basics of event technology to enable those new to the industry to get started quickly.


The content of our training courses include industry-specific terms, loading trucks, cable knowledge, introduction to lighting and sound technology, barriers and much more. Practical exercises such as rolling up cables correctly, dipping and stacking cases, using tension straps, assembling trussing etc. are also included.


Many technicians who have looked through our training material have said: “If you’ve got all that, you’re already a Tech Assist! It is important that we teach both theory and practice. This way, our stagehands get a first experience before their first work assignment, which makes it absolutely easy to get started.


Training online: artlogic Spain has adapted the complete training for the Crew Login and the Spanish crew is already using it. Soon, the online training will be launched in all artlogic offices throughout Europe. So artlogic’s stagehands can also use this innovative kind of training.


Your Event – Our trained Crew