Client app tools

artlogic has been committed to innovation and technology since its foundation in 1995. Recently, in addition to investing a large amount of resources in the development of our mobile tools, we wanted to provide our clients with a technological experience during their collaboration with artlogic. Here below are some of our most relevant tools: 

  • Project view with multi-level access: coordination of occupational hazards, meeting points & hours, list of crew, crew chief details, delivery notes, cost estimates, etc…
  • Planning Calendar: real-time calendar view of the status of a project, crew Check-In and Check-Out as well as a search system by reference, name, location…
  • Membership Crew: our client’s personal crew feedback system, access to their favourite crew, which is taken into account when booking the best-suited crew on future projects.

All this information is always in real time. 1 software, 1 information, 3 users: our client, our crew and the artlogic back office. Our artlogic APP is available on desktop, tablet and mobile. 

We continue to work on improving our clients’ experience by providing tools that avoid having spreadsheets, folders or cumbersome emails with data or documents that will be available on our client APP from the request of the project budget until after the project ends. How much did I spend on this project last year? What service did we request? All the answers to your questions are in our client APP with easy access.

Join the innovation and technology! If you don’t have your artlogic APP account yet, request it from your local artlogic office.