Crew Leader, Crew Chief, Crew Coordinator: What’s what?!

We provide more than just a number of stagehands. As you may have noticed, our crew always comes with a crew leader who is the contact person on site, coordinates the project and gets the job done. 


But why do you need a crew chief or a crew coordinator then? 

Experience has shown us that on larger projects, crew chiefs and crew coordinators enable a more efficient deployment of crew. This helps our clients save time, money and nerves.


Crew leaders – are trained by us internally in their various tasks and serve as a link between the customer and the crew (for teams up to approx. 10 people).

Crew leader’s tasks: 

  • Contact person for customers, production managers, technicians and crew.
  • Checks compliance with safety measures (helmet, safety shoes, etc.)
  • Keeps track of the working hours on the delivery note
  • Handles all issues on site


Crew Chief – in addition to the crew leader’s tasks and skills, a crew chief has experience with crews of up to 60 people and many years of experience in the industry.

His tasks in addition to those of a crew leader:

  • Supervises all active crew and crew leaders.
  • Assigns crews to the various departments for the duration of the project (sound, lighting, video, …)
  • Contact person between client and office for possible changes (e.g.: dismantling starts earlier or later, more or less people are needed…).
  • Coordinates breaks for the crew members in consultation with the client.
  • Distributes any necessary work material, safety jackets, etc…


Crew Coordinator – has know-how and experience in dealing with crews of 60 people and more. They are usually also used to working on set-ups and dismantling over several days.

His tasks in addition to those of a crew chief:

  • Supervises crew chiefs, crew leaders and crew
  • Coordinates the planning for the following days with the client and updates potential accreditation, catering orders etc.
  • Coordinates the deployment of crew within a production