artlogic Austria : “Alles gurgelt” : Regular testing of the crew provides safety

Artlogic Austria is participating in a new testing campaign “Alles gurgelt” by the city of Vienna to prevent the spread of the virus thanks to PCR gargle tests. Covid testing has long become routine for the crew. Our team is systematically tested for Covid19 and only works on projects with a negative certificate.  The PCR […]

Kick-off is getting closer: The European Football Championship 2021

We have been waiting for it for a long time! The European Football Championship 2021 will soon begin. As in previous championships, artlogic will be onsite and available in various cities throughout Europe. Our tasks in and around the stadium will include the setup & dismantling of barriers, crowd control systems, LED walls, LED pitch […]

Crew Leader, Crew Chief, Crew Coordinator: What’s what?!

We provide more than just a number of stagehands. As you may have noticed, our crew always work under the direction of a crew leader who is the contact person on site, coordinates the project and fulfils it along with the crew.  But why do you need a crew chief or a crew coordinator then?  […]

Carpe Diem – Seize the Day

The event world is at a standstill and has been for over a year now. It needs good concepts to continue. The smart artlogic Database never stands still. Thankfully we have been practicing digitalization for years. Our vision is to always be at the cutting edge of digital development. Employees and clients have access to […]

5.5 soccer pitches – One year of One Crew | One Tree

Under the slogan climate act instead of climate strike the European enterprise group of artlogic started the program One Crew | One Tree together. It is now almost exactly one year ago and we proudly look back on inbetween more than 4,000 trees that have come together via the paperless crew bookings in the […]