artlogic 2023

The year 2022 in review

artlogic is finishing the year on a high note: whether it be music awards in Düsseldorf, a trade fair in Paris, a sporting event in London or a festival in Amsterdam. artlogic would like to take this opportunity to thank its clients and crew for a vibrant year 2022! We are thrilled to have worked on so many exciting projects in different locations throughout Europe and look forward to 2023.

At artlogic, we are sticking to our mission to help our clients deliver successful events by providing cost-effective & hassle-free crewing solutions. But not without doing so in a sustainable and eco-friendly way thanks to local crew, digital bookings and giving back via the One Crew One Tree project.

We would love to hear from you and discuss future projects together. No matter whether your projects are at home and/or abroad, your local artlogic office will take care of it all. No need to speak fluent Spanish, Dutch, German or French to get local crew abroad!

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