artlogic crew get a refresher in first aid training

The Berlin local crew first aid training took place on 24th June 2019. Under the direction of the qualified instructors, the team covered some key areas:

  • Behaviour when finding a person
  • Observing your own safety
  • Making the emergency call
  • Securing the scene of the accident
  • Rescuing from acute danger
  • First aid measures in case of injury or illness with impaired vital function

In regular intervals all employees of artlogic Staffpool GmbH are trained, nationwide, in first aid. First aid safety and occupational safety are top priorities at artlogic and for this reason the training is repeated, and the qualification renewed, at the latest every two years. 

Currently, almost half of all employees have a valid first-aider certificate. The trend is rising.

Training is offered to all employees and crew, and we are happy to say 95% of our office and operations team are now qualified.